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About the FEUIC

The Federation of Education Unions Information Centre (FEUIC) provides a range of information services to the:


The collection includes over 200 current journal titles, over 15,000 monographs, general and legal reference tools, Australian and state government legislation, a selection of industrial relations other court transcripts and audiovisual materials.

Subject coverage of the library includes current and historical material on:

  • Industrial relations and legal issues
  • Education policy
  • Unions
  • Indigenous education
  • Womens' issues
  • Health and safety
  • Government policy
  • Social issues


The FEUIC catalouge is not currently online, however the book collection is listed in Trove, the National Library of Australia's search service.

To search for the FEUIC's records on Trove:

1. Go to the advanced search page,

2. From the drop down menu select Books & Libraries

3. Enter your search terms and, at the bottom of the page,

4. Enter "Federation of Education Unions" in the "Organisation" search box.

This will restrict your search to FEUIC records only.

buttonClient Services

The FEUIC provides a range of reference, referral and information support services, various outreach services including current awareness services, specialist bibliographies, and access to online databases etc. These services are generally available only to the office bearers and staff of the unions that comprise the FEU. However, members, affiliates of the ACTU, and students are welcome to use the library.

The FEUIC produces the following publications:

  1. FEUIC Bulletin. Listing of new material in the library
  2. FEUIC Journals Update. Contents of the latest journals on education and industrial relations


Please contact FEUIC staff if you have any information queries:

Librarian : Sarah-Jane Martin
Library Technician : Hanady Touchan


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This page last updated on 01/07/2021